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Aix Mega Multi Electri Bath to London

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  • Damian Hope
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  • 29-05-2015
Aix Mega Multi Electri Bath to London

The Aix Mega Multi is a very cool little electric van that our customer needed transporting from Bath to London and back again for a bit of work doing to it, it would have taken a pretty long time to get there with the top speed of 20mph that the van produces and we were happy to help, we have helped this customer a few times before and he always give us a call before anyone else and its always great to hear what project he is working on.

As you may expect the M25 was as lovely as ever, thankfully we had given enough time to expect the delays and arrived perfectly on time.

The Aix was delivered to the garage and we will be back to collect it once the work has been completed, we informed the customer that we had delivered the Aix and he was quite amazed at the time we had done it in.