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Car Collection Services throughout the uk

Lancashire Car Collection provide the most competitive rates in Lancashire for car collection services with delivery throughout the UK. We take all the stress out of transporting your vehicles from the place of sale or a dealership to your home.

All you need to do is ring us today on 07595582713 and our experienced recovery team will take care of the rest.

Nationwide car collection and delivery

Do you require single-car collection or delivery of a recent vehicle purchase? We work with UK dealerships as well as private purchasers buying or selling cars on eBay or other platforms. 

Our professional team offer delivery of a newly purchased car from the dealership or a private selling location to your home. We are a locally based business so we can give you an accurate estimate of how long we will take to reach the destination of the sale to collect your car. 

Transporting Cars Between Dealer Sites

Here at Car Collection Service, we will collect your car from the original site and deliver it to you for an affordable price. Our service is very reliable and trustworthy, and we have years of experience in the industry, and with different models and makes of vehicles, so your car is in safe hands. 

We can transport both new and use vehicles, and we will give you updates along the journey to give you the peace of mind you need. If you would like to find out more information, please visit our website, or give us a call today; we are always happy to help.

Corporate Vehicle Delivery

If you need your company vehicles delivering, then you have definitely come to the right place. We can collect and deliver your vehicles for corporate purposes within a timescale that suits you best. Our goal is to work around our customers as best we can, and meet all their requirements.

We understand that corporate vehicle delivery is important, and needs to be done within a required timescale. Your vehicles are in safe hands, and we will take care of them along the entire journey. We have years of knowledge and experience in dealing with vehicles so that we can give you the best service.

Private Car Buyer Collection 

Are you selling your car through a private sale, and you need it collecting? Well, don't worry because we can help. We can take the stress away from selling your vehicle, so you don't have to worry about getting it to the buyer. Our service is excellent, and we can pick your vehicle up at the time you want.

If you would like to find out more about our professional and reliable services, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us today. You can get in touch with us by giving us a call or sending us an email, and we'll always be on hand to answer any of your questions and queries.

Classic Car Collection and Delivery

We can also transport your beloved classic car, from its pick-up point, all the way to its final destination. We have years of experience dealing with both modern and classic vehicles, and we offer a service that is excellent value for money. We can transport any classic car of any model and make, and we ensure it gets to its destination safely.

If you have a classic car that needs collecting and delivering to its new owners, please give us a call today. We can transport vehicles that have been bought on sites such as eBay, and many other dealership sites. 

Transport of your New or Used Car

We can transport both new and used vehicles, here at Car Collection Service. We can transport any model and make of car, and we work around our customers as best we can. The cost of our service is mainly based around the distance that needs to be travelled.

If you would like a free quote, please give us a call, and we will be happy to discuss this with you. We can keep you updated along the journey, and when we have arrived, to let you know that your vehicle has got to its destination safely.

eBay Car Sales Transportation  

Buying a car on eBay, and selling a car on eBay is great; however, there is always the added stress of having to transport your vehicle from the seller to the buyer. Well, we can take that stress away and will organise the entire transportation for you. All you need to do is specify a time, and we'll do the rest.

We can also transport vehicles for other dealership sites, as well as eBay, at a very affordable price. For more details or a free quote, please give us a call today; we're always happy to help.

To contact our vehicle collection and delivery team, please call us today 07595582713 and we shall be happy to assist with your enquiry.