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Car Delivery Croydon to Volvo preston Motor park

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  • Damian Hope
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  • volvo v40 , car delivery preston, car collection croydon, vehicle transportation, car transportation
  • Posted date:
  • 04-08-2015
Car Delivery Croydon to Volvo preston Motor park
This was a great looking volvo v40 car we transported from croydon up to preston motor park situated between preston town centre and preston riversway were almost all prestons main agents are situated including preston audi,ford,seat,mercedez,bmw etc a great location for anyone wishing to take a look a a great selection of new and used cars all within a 10 minutes radius,the journey for the car transport was round the notorious m25 then a lovely quiet run up the m40 to the m42 and coasting past birmingham via the m6 toll road then carrying up the rest of the way to preston hitting only the troublesome m6 junction 16 slowdown which seems to be a daily accurance these days making the m6 a rather slow drive all the way from stoke down to and through birmingham north bound and south bound 6 days a week.Probably the worst traffic blackspot in the country peaking at m6 junction 11 down to junction 8.Anyway this car delivery was completed quick and professionally by lancashire car collection ,safely delivering the car to preston volvo.