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Copart car delivery

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Copart car delivery
Copart car delivery, We do alot of car transportation/movements of damaged and salvage cars mainly lightly damaged, catogory c we hold all correct licences to transport any catogory vehicle. these catogories range through different levels of damage on vehicles below is a brief outline of these catogories. We hold a waste carriers licence essential for carrying category B  cars, vans and motocycles. 

 Category A
Vehicles that have received extensive flood / fire damage and do not have salvageable parts. Insurance companies have written off these vehicles and are not suitable for resale. It has to be completely destroyedcompletly at an Authorised Treatment Facility. This vehicle is a complete write-off by insurance companies. Only ATFs are legally permitted to handle such a vehicle. A Certificate of Destruction is then created to notify the DVLA with the information also recorded with the HPI.
Category B
Vehicles with severe chassis and/or structural damage and have been written off by insurance companies. These vehicles  deemed not suitable for resale, are not roadworthy and deemed unsuitable for  repair work. Parts from these vehicles can be removed but the body shell is destroyed. Like Cat A vehicles it is only ATFs  can handle and process vehicles of this category.
Category C
Vehicles that have  heavy damage and have been written off by insurance companies. Costs of repair exceed the pre-accident value of the vehicle causing it to be classified in this way. These vehicles can however be sold on for repair. 

Category D
Vehicles that have sustained light damage but have been written off by insurance despite the costs of repair being less than the cars pre-accident value. These vehicles can be sold for repair  
Category U

Vehicles that are not owned by an insurance company and may have sustained accident damage. The vehicle is not governed by ABI categorisation guidelines and is unlikely to have been reported to the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register (MIAFTR).
Category X
A category X vehicle is considered the most desirable of salvage category. Once the vehicle has been repaired there is no record of the initial damage and cars are not recorded on the HPI register. These vehicles are usually sourced direct from manufacturer or rental companies who are unable to re-sell the vehicle as new or are unwilling to progress an insurance claim.

All though most of these catogories can be collected by any professional transport company not all can, It is important and a legal requirement to have the correct licences for this kind of vehicle  transportation. Transporting catogory B vehicles without the correct licences and procedure should not be done and can result in some hefty fines at least for both the transporter and the intended recipient of the vehicle.

All though based in Preston Lancashire car collection deliver cars for all the copart depots in the uk,  In england, scotland and the ones bordering wales. Copart have 13 depots in the Uk with a depot in Northern Ireland covering more than 340 acres, They move  30,000 + vehicles per month. Their uk locations include   CHESTER, , BRISTOL, PETERLEE, SANDTOFT, COLCHESTER, SANDY, WESTBURY, ROCHFORD, WHITBURN,  SANDWICH, WISBECH, YORK & WOLVERHAMPTON .With their ireland one being CASTLEDERMOT.

  Copart also have locations in North & South America, Asia and the Middle Eastas well as other parts of Europe selling thousands & thousands of damaged salvage vehicles each year.
We have added a small selection of pictures of damaged cars transported by Lancashire car collection.