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Ford Focus Delivered to New Owner

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  • 16-07-2017
Ford Focus Delivered to New Owner

We recently had the pleasure of delivering a brand new Ford Focus to its new owner. A customer had to wait some time for the car to be available from the showroom floor, which is why he was quite urgent in having it delivered to his home. We immediately collected, transported and delivered the Ford Focus safely to his house. We also offer a fully insured service, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that his car has been delivered by a experienced and reliable team. 

Our car transportation services are available throughout the UK, and this is ideal if you want to have your brand new car delivered to your door. If you have purchased a new vehicle from the dealership, or even directly from another owner, we can collect and deliver the car for you in an affordable and cost-effective way. Our services are fast and efficient, and we handle each delivery with care. 

For more information about our car collection services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.