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Scrap My Car in Preston and Blackpool

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  • 04-04-2014

Scrap My Car in Preston and Blackpool

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When your car reaches the end of it's life, you may want to consider selling it as scrap to a collection company who will salvage as much as it can and sell the remainder as scrap. The woth placed on the scrap car is dependent on a number of factors such as weight and age of the vehicle.

How much is your Scrap Car Worth?

Lancashire Car Collection offer an idependent scrap car collection service which values each car individually for the value that we can see in it which means that you will usually get a better price from us than you would from selling it to a scrap yard.

Selling your car as Salvage

If your car has been damaded or has a mechanical or electrical problems which can be repaired, you may get offered a salvage price rather than a scrap price. Cars which are usually categorised as salvagable are under ten years old.

When considering the price that your vehicle is worth as salvage, the main factors that are evaluated are the sale price when repaired and the cost of completing the repairs.

The make and model of vehicle will be one factor taken into consideration to estimate the value once repaired. Other factors include condition, service history, mileage, optional extras and other known faults.

The cost that a salvage buyer will place on repairs will be cheaper for them to carry out themselves than the standard cost.

Selling your car as Scrap

The scrap price of a car is based on the weight of metal left after the car is stripped of all sellable parts. Generally the heavier the vehicle, the more it is worth as scrap. The addition of a catalytic converter adds value since it is made from silver and platinum.

Scrapped Cars Removal in Preston

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We collect unwanted cars, motorbikes and vans throughout Lancashire and offer the best prices available. For more information about how we can help you, please call us today on 07595582713.