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Scrapping your Car in Preston

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  • Paul Marren
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  • 04-04-2014

Scrapping your Car in Preston

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There are a number of reasons why you want to scrap your car and a number of options available to you if you decide that your car has reached End-of-Life (ELVs) status. Your vehicle may break down, become involved in a crash or fail its MOT test. If you decide that it is more expensive to repair your car than you are willing to pay, you will proberbly decide to scrap it.

Conveniently for motorists in the Lancashire area, Lancashire Car Collection provide a cash payment for your unwanted vehicle and will provide a free collection service from your home or place of work.

You can be confident that your car will be salvaged and recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly process which aims for an 85% recycling target.

Scrap My Car in Preston and Blackpool

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When you decide to dispose of your unwanted car, motorbike, van or other ELV vehicle, you will need to ensure that the paperwork is available and correct. To scrap your car, you will need to provide a V5 registration document and we shall give you a receipt for it.

Following the destruction and recycling of your car, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) on behalf of the DVLA which ensures that your car has been recycled responsibly and that you are no longer responsible for it.

You may be tempted to sell your car following the removal of the most valuable parts such as the tyres, battery and other saleable parts. However you will proberbly earn more from keeping your car intact and selling it as a complete vehicle unless you are involved in the trade and have a good knowledge of the car, engine and parts.

We collect unwanted cars throughout Lancashire and offer the best prices available. For more information about how we can help you, please call us today on 07595582713.