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Taking a Volkswagen from Blackpool to Wallsend

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  • 12-09-2016
Taking a Volkswagen from Blackpool to Wallsend

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Taking a Volkswagen from Blackpool to Wallsend

We recently drove from Blackpool to Wallsend to deliver a great car to one of our clients. Our drivers transported a fantastic Volkswagen from the seller to the buyer 153 miles away.

Volkswagen cars are not only very reliable but they are also very enjoyable to drive. That’s why they are among the top car brands in the world.

If you live in Wallsend and find a car for sale in Blackpool – or another way round – we can help.  Our reliable vehicle delivery service is available to transport your car anywhere in the UK.

The drive from Black pool to Wallsend is almost three hours. This means you may want  the vehicle to be transported by a reliable delivery service. 

With a Volkswagen being generally very reliable, it’s often a good idea to compare it with other cars. Your Volkswagen will make for an enjoyable vehicle to drive. 

Our Car Delivery Service

Transporting this Volkswagen  from Blackpool to Wallsend, saved our customer time and money. 

Picking the car up yourself may be a time consuming job.  You will need to consider how long it will take, and what the fuel requirements will be. 

If you drive with an average 40 MPG you will pay roughly £4.50 per gallon. Since the distance between Blackpool and Wallsend is around 127 miles, your fuel cost will be about £30 in total. 

It’s often also necessary to have your car transported. This is why you can work with a reliable transportation service to get your car from Blackpool to Wallsend.

We  save our customers significant transport time along with fuel costs. This is one reason why you can hire our car transport service to do the trip for you.

Find out more about how our car delivery service can help you. We deliver from any location in Lancashire to anywhere in England.