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The History of Vehicle Recovery

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Vehicle Recovery in Lancashire

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Lancashire Car Collection take pride in our years of experience in providing roadside help and assistance for vehicle breakdowns throughout Lancashire. Our trade has a long history which is as old as the automobile.

The History of Vehicle Recovery

The need for vehicle recovery has been around since the first cars. In the original recovery service, a horse was the main vehicle used to pull a stranded car to safety. The oldest automobile coachworks and garages were extensions of the bicycle trades and blacksmiths who assisted with the repairs of recovered vehicles.

As automobiles became more popular, small car clubs began to organise joint funds to pay for the recovery of any members who found themselves in trouble. The two biggest motoring clubs became nationwide by the beginning of the twentieth century, these were The Royal Automobile Club (formed in 1897 and named royal in 1907) and The Automobile Association (formed in 1905).

In the 1950s the recovery services began to organise patrol vehicles who received their orders at pre arranged times from boxes with radios. If the patrol vehicle was unable to fix the vehicle on site, it would be toed to a local garage.

During the 1960s it was coachworks and not garages which operated recovery vehicle fleets. They would monitor police radio networks to discover if any accidents had occurred locally. When a breakdown was discovered the recovery fleets would race to be the first on the scene.

Thankfully, things have progressed since then and you can contact us immediately by calling us directly as soon as your car breaks down in Lancashire.

Recovery services in Preston

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Lancashire Car Collection provide high quality reliable breakdown recovery throughout Blackpool, Preston Lytham and Cleverlys. Call us today on 07595582713 to find out how we can help you.