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Toyota Rav Cardiff to Carlisle

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  • Damian Hope
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  • 21-11-2016
Toyota Rav Cardiff to Carlisle

One of our recent customers wanted us to transport their Toyota Rav4 from Cardiff to Carlisle safely for them, this 4x4 proved no problem for our delivery truck to manage and we completed the job as quickly as could to the customers satisfaction.

The Rav4 was in great condition and was due to be delivered to the new owner, the customer decided to use us because we had worked for a friend in the past and they had recommended us, it is always wonderful to be recommended by a past customer as it shows the care and attention that we show each and every car is noticed and appreciated.

The near 300 mile journey took us just about 5 and half hours to complete and we arrived right on schedule which pleased the new owner just as much as the condition of the car did.