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Scrap Metal Dealership Law in Preston

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  • 03-04-2014

Scrap Cars Collected in Preston

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Lancashire Car Collection offer cash for your unwanted vehicles throughout Preston, Lytham, Blackpool, Fleetwood, Leyland and the surrounding areas. We are a responsible salvage collection company which provides an environmentally safe way to dispose of your unwanted vehicles.

The majority of the vehicles that we acquire are salvaged for recycling and any parts that are left over are disposed of in a responsible and environmentally safe manner.

As a small business our reputation is important to us so we always remain aware of the legal reqirements for disposing of our waste product. We take precautions to ensure that all of the metal that we provide to scrap metal dealers is not related to illegal activity.

Scrap Metal Dealership Law in the UK

Since 2012 the government has made it more difficult for people to sell scrap metal to a scrap metal dealers. The changes have been implemented to prevent metal thieves from making money from illegal activities.

The legislation has made it a criminal offence for scrap metal dealers to pay cash for scrap metal and only permits payment to be made by electronic means or by cheque. The fines for scrap metal dealers who are found to be ignoring the legal requirements have been increased and the powers of the police to carry out entry searches into scrap metal premesis has increased.

Car Collection in Preston and Lancashire

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Lancashire Car Collection are committed to providing a legal and responsible service so that you can be confident that your scraped cars are not funding criminal activities. We only sell scrap metal to scrap metal dealers who are registerd with the locl authority and never make cash payments for scrap cars.

All payments that we make for your vehicles will be electronic or by cash.

If you want to scrap your vehicle for cash we will provide a free collection throughout the Lancashire area. Call us today on 07595582713 .